Gyms and health clubs rely on 360 Saniclean for disinfecting equipment, eliminating odors, and maintaining a healthy environment.

Serving Gyms, Crossfits, Healthclubs, and other Athletic facilities around the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Local gyms are swimming with bacteria, fungus, and other harmful viruses.
  • People go to the gym to get healthy, not to get sick.

Most people join gyms and visit athletic facilities to improve their health and their lives. Facilities owe it to their members to provide a clean, infection-free environment that promotes good health. Yet there are continued reports of members contracting MRSA, staph, and other illnesses. It’s tough for a gym to keep up. Infections commonly found in athletic facilities include:

  • HPV, contacted by athlete’s foot
  • Klebsiella, prevalent on shared surfaces like cardio machines, workout mats, weights, etc.
  • Staphylococcus Aureus, which can lead to MRSA, transmitted by shared towels, exercise equipment surfaces and grips, or skin-to-skin contact
  • Candida, prevalent in locker rooms, saunas, swimming pools, and showers
  • Eliminates and controls odors
  • Safer for humans and materials
  • 3x more surface coverage than traditional pump sprayers, rags or wipes
  • Faster, safer and more consistent application
  • NSF D2 Food Contact Surface Safe Sanitizer (100ppm)


News of unsanitary conditions travels fast, especially in today’s world, and encourages members and employees to go elsewhere. Fortunately, 360 SaniClean makes short work of today’s toughest cleaning challenges.

Infection Control For Surfaces:

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection programs for high touch points and critical surface areas, floors, walls, high reach surfaces, and other ambient surfaces.

Manual Cleaning and Disinfecting Services:

  1. Microfiber spray-and-wipe cleaning and disinfecting of high touch points and critical surface areas. Clean and disinfect high touch points and critical surface areas surfaces with a microfiber towel and a neutral EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant, taking care to use sufficient mechanical force and friction to remove oils, dust, soil and other contaminants from the surface. Cleaning technicians are trained to leave surfaces streak-free. Manual cleaning is always recommended before performing touch-less electrostatic spraying for optimal sanitizing and disinfecting results.

Touch-less Electrostatic Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services:

  1. Touch-less Electrostatic Sanitizing and Disinfecting of high touch points, critical surface areas, and fixtures. Disinfect and sanitize all high touch points, critical surface areas, and fixtures uing touch-less electrostatic spraying systems and an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant. 360 SaniClean technicians are trained to ensure sufficient chemical saturation and accurate dwell times on each type of surface.
  2. Touch-less Electrostatic Spraying and ULV Fogging Sanitizing and Disinfecting of Floors, Walls, High Reach Surfaces, and Ambient Surfaces. Touch-less electrostatic spraying and ULV fogging to disinfect and sanitize floors, walls, high reach surfaces, and ambient surfaces.
  • We striclty use premium, EPA-registered sanitizers and hospital-grade disinfectants that are safer for humans, less corrosive on materials, more environmentally-friendly, and more effective than traditional chlorine bleach (OCL) and Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds).
  • Electrostatic spraying is safe for sanitizing electronics such as laptops, keyboards, printers, computer mouses, and computers.
  • Electrostatic delivery results in up to 3X better coverage of surface areas, especially on: curved, small, hard to reach, and 3-dimensional surfaces.
  • Eliminate and control odors.
  • Our chemical becomes a food contact surface safe sanitizer that is NSF-D2 Certified at 100 PPM Dilution for safe sanitizing of food contact surfaces (no rinsing required).
  • Electrostatic sprayers produce a directed spray plume that can easily be maneuvered to avoid wetting papers in offices.
  • ‘High touch points and critical surface areas’ include but are not limited to: Door knobs/handles, handrails, countertops, tabletops, restrooms, tops of hard chairs, arms of chairs, light switches, vending machine buttons, handles on microwaves, handles on coffee pots, handles on refrigerators, and other easily accessible hard or soft surfaces, buttons on elevators, cabinet handles, phones, keyboards, mouses, computers, push plates, partition doors in bathrooms, all fixture handles (faucet, soap, toilet etc.), water cooler handles, tops of office cubicle walls, door frames and edges, and other easily accessible vertical and horizontal surfaces that may be frequently touched.

Infection Control For Room Air:

  1. UVCUE Upper Room GUV Air Disinfection Systems. We are a certified UVCUE Partner that delivers, installs, and maintains safety audits on installed systems. We ensure that spaces are properly measured and assessed so that you have confidence that UVCUE is providing effective protection against diseases like COVID-19, seasonal influenza, and the common cold.


Exhaled breath rises like smoke into the upper sections of a room from body heat. Aerosolized COVID-19 virus particles spread out in the upper air of a room, cool off, and then fall back down to the lower sections of the room where people breathe those particles in. Airborne transmission of COVID-19 (and other diseases) begins to occur when a high enough concentration of virus is in the room air. 

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