About Our Systems


360 SaniClean brings innovative infection control solutions through several advanced services and products that can dramatically improve your ability to prevent infection in your facility and react to outbreak situations. Touch-less electrostatic spraying services can sanitize and disinfect up to 3X more surface area in your facility more safely, effectively, and efficiently than traditional methods. We are also a certified UVCUE Partner to distribute, install, and provide safety audits on Upper Room GUV Air Disinfecting systems to reduce airborne transmission of disease in your facility.

Touch-less Electrostatic Spraying

Protexus electrostatic sprayers statically charge the disinfectant droplet particles and atomize them into a fine plume that attracts to room surfaces for efficient and effective touch-less disinfecting and sanitizing. They can cover up to 3x more surface area especially on curved, small, hard-to-reach, and 3-dimensional surfaces.

Safer Chemical Alternatives

While PURTABS can eradicate up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses they are far gentler than bleach and alternatives on people, the environment, and surfaces. They are an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant that is on EPA’s N-List of chemical compounds that kill COVID-19. At 100 PPM dilution they are an NSF D-2 Certified food contact surface safe sanitizer.

GUV Air Disinfection

Upper Room Germicidal UV is a well-established pandemic solution that is recommended by CDC and Harvard Medical School and is backed by over 80 years of scientific research showing its unparalleled effectiveness at reducing airborne transmission of disease. Exhaled breath rises like cigarette smoke and is carried by air currents to the disinfection zone, preventing aerosolized virus particles from spreading.


  • Protexus electrostatic delivery technology is a revolutionary approach to infectious disease protection and sanitization.
  • Here’s how it works: Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers atomize an EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectant and sanitizer into a fine plume of charged particles that envelops surfaces and provides a blanket of sanitation on every possible touchpoint. The electrostatic charge on the droplets results in better coverage of curved, small, or hard to reach surfaces areas.
  • Electrostatic delivery takes advantage of the negative charge on most room surfaces by adding a positive charge to the chemical droplets before they leave the sprayer. Adding this electrostatic charge to the disinfectant droplets makes them attract to room surfaces like a magnet. Unlike a hand trigger sprayer which only coats the front side of an object, these electro-charged droplets can bend, wrap around, and reverse in direction to coat objects and surfaces in 360 degrees. This results in up to 3X greater surface area coverage than traditional spray bottles, buckets, or rags.
  • Ideal for sanitizing, disinfecting, odor control, mold control, and more.
  • Highly efficient process, more surface coverage, safer chemical alternatives!


The plume of electrostatic-charged droplets are magnetically drawn to any surface within 1-3 feet. With an attraction coefficient 15 times greater than gravity, the electrostatic force field is so powerful the plume reverses direction to coat hidden and hard to reach surfaces that would typically be missed by conventional spraying or misting equipment.*

With Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers, 360 SaniClean is bringing sanitizing and disinfecting services to a new level of effectiveness and efficiency. Designed for maximum flexibility, our infection control services are adaptable to any protocol and facility.

We use our Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers with EarthSafe chemical alternatives that work against a full range of germs and pathogens with 99.999% effectiveness.


  • Towels and rags are unsanitary. They house and spread around bacteria. (see more info: http://time.com/4918624/wash-towels-bacteria/)
  • More often than not, trigger sprayers apply too much disinfectant and oversaturate. The chemical is slow to dry and the surface becomes a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria.
  • On EPA’s N-List for chemical compounds that kill COVID-19
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Chemistry: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC)
  • Can be diluted for Disinfecting or Sanitizing
  • Kills C Diff in 4 minutes
  • NSF D2 Certified Food Contact Surface Safe Sanitizer
  • Safer, less toxic, and more effective alternative to bleach and quats
  • NIOSH/OSHA compliant with all safety regulations for exposure


It is an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant which is an obvious requirement for any chemical disinfectant or sanitizer and strictly measures the efficacy of the chemical itself. PURTABS sprayed with the Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer was independently tested and verified that exposure levels fall below established Permissible Exposure Levels (PEL) in compliance with OSHA and NIOSH.


  • It’s been 10 years since the CDC released its last guidelines for infection prevention for dental care settings, and the removal of the “spray-wipe-spray” protocol in the guidelines. Current guidelines state that environmental surfaces should be cleaned and then disinfected after contamination from dental procedures. Since then, many dental teams have stopped spraying disinfectants and switched to using pre-saturated wipes.
  • However, the effectiveness of the wipes can be reduced in some cases by improper use of the product. The most common error is leaving the container partially open, which allows the wipes to dry out. In time, some of the solution from the wipes may settle at the bottom of the container. Sometimes cleaners will pour the solution into another container of wipes, which could affect the concentration of the solution in the next container.
  • Disinfectant wipes can be harmful to the skin (see our blog: https://360saniclean.com/disinfectant-wipes-can-be-harmful-to-the-skin/)
  • Disinfecting wipes tend to under-saturate a surface and the solution evaporates from the surface before all the germs are dead, unless you wipe it 2-4 times, which those who are cleaning usually don’t.
  • Upper Room Germicidal UV is a well-established pandemic solution that is recommended by CDC and Harvard Medical School and is backed by over 80 years of scientific research showing its unparalleled effectiveness at reducing airborne transmission of disease.
  • Exhaled breath rises like cigarette smoke and infectious particles will be carried into the upper room disinfection zone with UVCUE, preventing aerosolized virus particles from spreading to others in the room.
  • UVCUE meets CDC guidelines for delivering recommended energy levels in the overhead part of a room and meets stringent OSHA safety recommendations.
  • Planled uses its expertise in lighting design along with an advanced 3D design software simulations to ensure efficacy.
  • 360 SaniClean can ensure that spaces are properly measured and assessed so that you have confidence that UVCUE is providing effective protection against diseases like COVID-19, seasonal influenza, and the common cold.